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Before build your own Poratble Generator Enclosure

Many people don’t buy own potable generator enclosure but they make enclosure by themself. For who don’t have a portable generator enclosure and interest to make your ow enclosure, I will recommend you to do this suggestion. It would be great ifn you read and do it now. For the best portable generator enclosure you should read this to reduce noise and increase efficiency of your homemade portable generator enclosure.


1. Gather your measurements. You will need to know how size your generator is in order to construct the best enclosure for it. However, these will not be the actual measurements that you use to construct the portable generator enclosure. The actual measurements you will use for construction at least must be over 2 inches more than these measurements.

Design2. Designs the best portable generator enclosure for you. The generator should be able to easily fit in or under the portable generator enclosure with several inches to spare. The most basic generator enclosure is more of a canopy than a structure. You could just construct a wooden canopy that will support the size of the generator. If you need a more secure enclosure, you will have to draw some designs for walls as well. Also, the generator will need to breathe, so it should not be enclosed entirely without anywhere for carbon monoxide to go. Without an opening, the carbon monoxide gas will fill up the structure causing toxic danger. It may also overheat.

More Ideas of Portable Generator Enclosure

  • Sheet Steel Construction - Enclosing an expensive generator for simple maintenance and protection extends the number of years you will recoup on your own investment. Consider the buying a sheet steel enclosure with the right building specifications, openings, doors, locks and ventilation holes. The structure should incorporate doors and locks that allow you to gain quick access. With each door tightly sealed and locked with a latch that’s flush with the door seam, you can ensure only the right personnel open the generator unit and operate instruments and controls.
  • Portable Generator Enclosure - Some outdoor generators require special enclosure equipment. The Gen-Box by Hayes Products is anPortable Generator Enclosure example of a generator box that fits onto the back of a big truck or semi trailer truck. This box protects the portable generator from weather elements and carries a remote control. With the Remote Start System, the operator of the truck presses a control button to start the generator from any location within the radius of the remote signal. A convenient place to operate the remote is from inside the cab of your truck. An alternative is a Gen-a-Hood, or a roof cover. The Gen-a-hood fits the Honda family of outdoor generators.
  • Generator Shed – For a generator stored on-site and outdoors, the generator shed supplies a different protection scheme. Gen-Tran manufactures a generator shed. A shed meets your wants as the generator owner in two ways. First, the design lets you safely plug in your electrical cords. Second, a properly ventilated shed permits the escape of powerful, but deadly fumes (i.e. carbon monoxide gas). Without proper ventilation, a generator can combust or ignite a nearby fuel source, such as a gas line or a propane tank. If the generator contains a battery, the shed’s design won’t damage the battery and cause harmful leakage of battery acid.


3. Gather your materials. If you’re just building a basic canopy for the generator, all you need is some lumber. However, if you’re building a portable generator enclosure, you should also get some good chicken wire to attach to the openings of the enclosure.


4. Build the portable generator enclosure. Once the designing is complete, you are ready to follow your plans and construct the enclosure.



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